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Newell Family Scholarships Awarded!

Frank and Margie Newell made a generous gift to the Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation creating the Newell Family Scholarships.  Students must be accepted to and enrolled as current Fall incoming freshmen at LBCC or CSULB. Scholars are awarded $1,500 for LBCC and $3,000 for CSULB.

The criteria includes but is not limited to students who have overcome personal, family or economic challenges and includes students who are a source of inspiration through community service extra-curricular activities and accomplishments.

The recipients of the 2016 Newell Family Scholarships. totaling $6,000, are:

Shala Copeland, a graduate of Wilson, is now attending Long Beach City College with a career goal in Forensic Science.

According to her counselor, Shala keeps her priorities in order, takes advantage of her resources and has excelled in school – all while being at a distinct disadvantage. She cares for her 2 younger siblings in her single parent home where resources are limited but, because of her strong family bond, she is committed, mature and responsible.

She was a member of the Young Black Scholars Club and, realizing her regular classes were not challenging enough, she quickly moved to honors and AP classes.

A comment in her application sums up her outlook on life – truly a insightful statement that normally would be attributed to someone much older – “I am passionate about everything I do because life can change in a split second and it’s important for you to be able to say you gave your all in something than to live with the fact that if you gave it your all it would’ve been a different outcome.”  

Kholood Ahmed is a graduate of Poly is attending LB State with a career goal to become a Medical Doctor.

Kholood is the first in her family to attend college.

She was chosen by her Medical class to be part of the Certified Nursing Assistant Program through Goodwill Services. She takes classes throughout the school year on Saturdays and will be a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant before she even enters college.

Kholood spent the first six years of her life in Sudan, Africa where school is scarce, expensive and young girls are in the kitchen helping their mothers cook due to the Arab tradition that says if you do not teach your daughter at a young age to be a housewife, then she will never find a husband. Her father decided to bring her and her siblings to America. She returned to Sudan at age 13 and, being trilingual, ended up tutoring an entire school in their English studies.

She knows how fortunate she is and wants to make her father proud and let him know his hard work did not go to waste. She says, “I am determined to go to college and get a degree in Medicine so I can give back to the people who raised me.”

Sirey Teng is a graduate of Poly, attending LB State, with a career goal in Nursing.

She has an existing connection with Rotary, serving as a member of the Poly Interact Club and has participated in our park clean ups.

Imagine coming to this country from Cambodia during middle school. Within five years she learned English and was accepted into Poly’s business academy. She hopes to apply what she learns about business to help create economic opportunities for other Cambodians here as well as in Asia.

She created the Students in Motion chapter at Poly to inform students about current issues in the greater LB community and empower students to take a stand in what we believe. She recruited her business teacher to serve as their faculty mentor, created a recruitment plan, got people engaged and created a system where all members felt comfortable sharing their experiences all while balancing her time among academics, sports, work and the club.

In her own words, “I’ll fight to achieve my dreams and going to college is one of my main dreams. I strongly believe that if community invests in my education, that I will use my knowledge to give back to the surrounding community.”

The Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation is proud to congratulate our 2016 Newell Family Scholarship recipients!!!